Troy Cowan Topic: Thomas Lincoln Jr.--from conception to death

Thomas Lincoln Jr.--from conception to death

Nancy Lincoln had a love affair while married to Thomas Lincoln that resulted in the birth of Thomas Lincoln Jr.

Nancy Lincoln's true love 

A fifty-year-old man by the name of Samuel Davis met and fell in love with a young woman named Nancy. Nancy had a drunk, ambition-less, no good husband named Thomas Lincoln. Thomas took his new bride to live in a shed in one of the back allies of Elizabethtown. Samuel couldn't allow his new love to live in a shed, so he bought Nancy and her husband a cabin at Nolin Creek.

On the forth of July 1811, Samuel Davis and Nancy Lincoln planned to spend the day together. They took a picnic basket and Nancy rode the extra horse that Samuel brought with him. Together they rode with intense anticipation of being united as one. They found a pleasant meadow with a cool, clear stream flowing through it. They ate by the stream and enjoyed each other's company. They talked and spent a wonderful day in each other's arms. That afternoon, they made love. Thomas was conceived.

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Samuel was a married man. His first born by his wife Jane was named Joseph. Joseph was a lawyer in Natchez, Mississippi. When Joseph learned of his father's affair with Nancy, he decided to put a stop to it. He went to Thomas and told him to take his family and move away or he would kill him. Joseph brought with him a wagon, horses, and money and gave them to Thomas so he would be able to move that day. With Joseph watching, the Lincoln's loaded their belongings into the wagon and left Nolin Creek.

The Lincoln's traveled about seven miles when they came upon an abandoned dugout. They decided to spend the night. The next day while Thomas and the children were asleep, the pregnant Nancy went to find the nearest neighbors. At the neighbors, she learned that the Lincoln's could buy the cabin for a percentage of their crop with no money paid in advance. The Lincoln's decided to make this their new home on Knob Hill.

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Sometime in February 1812, Thomas was away on his usual drunken spree. Nancy was alone with her two small children, Sarah and Abraham. That night there was a heavy snowfall. The next morning there was no firewood in the woodbin. Nancy had to go outside in the deep snow to get firewood. Carrying the heavy wood back to the cabin, she began to have a miscarriage. The baby was stillborn.

Thomas was never around when needed. Nancy hated him. Out of spite she named the dead baby Thomas Lincoln.

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Troy Cowan, author of Lincoln, Davis, and Booth: family Secrets 

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