Troy Cowan Topic: Abraham Lincoln's religious beliefs

Abraham Lincoln's religious beliefs

Many have included Lincoln in the Christian family. If Lincoln were alive today, he would object.

Abraham Lincoln was not a Christian

Abraham Lincoln wrote a book on infidelity in 1835 telling how the Bible was self-contradictory. Lincoln gave the book to Sam Hill to read before he sent it to the publisher. Sam Hill read it and burned it. He told Lincoln that he could not write such unpopular ideas because those ideas would destroy his political future. Abraham Lincoln never re-wrote the book and his ideas have been lost.

Christians want the great emancipator to share their religious beliefs. They have adopted him into Christianity even though he would disapprove. Mary Lincoln said that Abraham never joined a church and had no hope or faith. She said he was never a Christian.

William Herndon knew Abraham his entire adult life and he said that Lincoln never mentioned Christianity, except in scorn. He said that Lincoln was an infidel of the radical type and detested the idea of miraculous conception.

Christians cannot include Abraham Lincoln in their membership.

 Troy Cowan, author of Lincoln, Davis, and Booth: Family secrets

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